Biobe is a global supplier of parts and components for industrial companies serving a variety of industries and markets. Biobe is a competent export business, well equipped to communicate in English and German, in addition to the Scandinavian languages.

Biobe is a competent export company which is well used to communicate in English and German languages

A multi-purpose manufacturer, Biobe has expertise in a variety of product areas, and markets, along with the use and processing of various materials. This expertise brings our customers a mutual benefit we would like to tell you more about.

For many years, Biobe has delivered to customers in Asia and the distant corners of the globe. With an efficient and automated production line, we are able to achieve competitive pricing for quality products manufactured to exacting standards and requirements. Coupled with favorable conditions in transportation and logistics, our partner companies can deliver products with a global perspective.

Ventilations – Wall and roof vents

Furniture components

Sports and leisure

Antenna radomes

Electric power

Electro, telecom

Ship and offshore


Defense material