Biobe emphasizes close collaboration with its customers and works aggressively to ensure that their products will succeed in the market.

Through its broad product portfolio, Biobe holds wide-ranging expertise, including an extensive network of marketing, market introduction and consulting.

This expertise serves our customers well and Biobe is proud to help our customers’ products succeed in the market. Please contact us to see how we can help your business!

Business development and consulting summarized

  • Product Enhancements and Product Optimization
    • Development of new design, engineering (eg. Flow analysis, stress calculations)
    • Production of new tools adapted to the desired price point
    • Certification
      • Externally, local, internal
    • Increase sales and margin per unit
  • Value Chain Reviews
    • Distribution channels, references
      • Export, import, customs handling
      • Distribution to shop
    • Evaluations of production in Norway versus East
      • Cost / benefit analysis
      • Handling the relocation of production
      • Pitfalls, Opportunities
  • Logistics Management
    • Packaging Optimization – R & D for logistics
      • Sales packaging, transport packaging
    • Clearance and customs
    • Clearance and shipments direct – per customer
    • Customs
    • Warehousing