Biobe manufactures a variety of products for ventilation and various other tasks in construction.
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Biobe are among the most experienced manufacturers of ventilation products for residential. Since its inception in 1947, the company has further developed its range of valves and today has a wide range covering most requirements. Quality is making Biobe valve to a first of many window manufacturers. Product range includes several models, from simple to sophisticated valves with controlled airflow. In addition, there are supplementary parts with filters, sound insulating tapes and other solutions.


Biobe manufactures and sells a wide range of valves for wall & ceilings, which are well established in the market, and has good performance and quality. These valves are available in different varieties and sizes. The main material is impact resistant thermoplastic.


Furniture angles are manufactured in thermoplastic and used to join wood products such as cabinets and furniture. Biobe angles are stable and strong.


Biobe Backing Rings are manufactured from 50% glass fiber reinforced SMC material and is suitable for use in chemical and corrosive environments. These strong properties combined with lightweight, high strength and good surface finish makes the flanges a good choice for most purposes when it comes to connecting pipes.


Biobe AS different types of cabinet are used for a variety of applications in the transportation, industrial, marine & offshore markets. The cabinets are used primarily for storage of safety and rescue equipment and are available with or without furnishing. In addition, lockers and can be customized as desired. Choosing the right materials with high strength and durability has made the cabinets for a first choice in demanding environments.

Most of Biobe cabinets are made of glass fiber reinforced polyester (GRP), which are characterized by high mechanical strength, good formability and dimensional stability as well as good resistance to the surroundings.


The Tank Lids from Biobe AS are manufactured in a glasfibre reinforced SMC composite material and is used primarily as a lid for tanks, reservoirs and containers. Tank lids are designed to enable them to withstand high loads without collapsing.