Bewi has developed a ground-breaking freight solution for seafood exporters. Every day, thousands of pallets loaded with fresh seafood in EPS boxes are exported by planes worldwide. The eps boxes are manually stacked on PMC-loading units and loaded into planes for shipping to its destinations. At the destinations the EPS-boxes are manually unloaded and stacked on pallets for further distribution.

Biobe BEWi pall

Dimensions in cm / Weight 78,5×119,5×12 / 5,6 kg

BEWI BOX and Pallet as a service generate revenue without harming the environment by reusing them.

The product features of the BEWI BOX and Pallet provide safe and good transport of goods, less foodwaste – no environmental impact.

BEWI BOX and Pallet provides less waste and controlled collection of used packaging.

By using the BEWI pallets you can realise these benefits

  • 7 additional EPS boxes of seafood per PMC, enables an extra 175 kg per PMC (7 boxes of 25 Kg), which will significantly reduce the number of aircrafts, reducing your CO2 footprint alone with approx. 5%
  • No reloading required, handling and air cargo preparation time reduced by 70 %. This means you save time and limit the breakage resulting in better Seafood quality
  • Pallets returned are re-used as cargo carriers for goods in a pooling solution

Bewi Pallet – Commercial

  • Warehouse – BEWI pallets requires less pace
    (stackable) and saves time compares to wooden pallets through more efficient handling (pallet magazines)
  • BEWI plastic pallet is adapted to PMC used for air cargo. About. 70% less time needed for pre-paring a PMC
  • Reduce the truck and plane waiting time and increase the operating profit
  • Reduce your shipping costs, as plastic is approx. 30% lighter than wood
  • Forklift to unload reduce labour cost. Improved HSE (health, safety & environment) – Contributes to reverse the trend of the increasing workers’ compensation and health care costs
  • Purchase – BEWI pallets contains a deposit value enabling a competitive net price

Bewi Pallet – Quality

  • Increased profit through reduced breakage -Truck will handle the loading and manually re-loading of boxes is not needed.
  • Improved quality / coldness goods during transport; Conventional manual handling of EPS boxes involves lifting devices that opens the EPS deck for a few seconds allowing the gas from the dry ice to leak out
  • Improved stability of the EPS boxes on the PMC
  • Hygienic design. Pallets designed with round corners so no dirt gets stuck. No closed spaces in the pallet that can crack and gather bacteria

168 EPS boxes with Bewi pallets

161 EPS boxes without Bewi pallets

Improved coldness to customer

Improved quality – Conventional manual handling of EPS boxes involves lifting de-vices that opens the EPS deck for a few seconds allowing the gas from the dry ice to leak out.

Designed for Reusage – Circular Economy

Biobe BEWi pall stabel

The BEWI plastic pallet is adapted to the PMC. Saves time when loading and unloading aircraft. No manual re-stacking of boxes.

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Download BEWI pallet product sheet

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